The team at Bermar International estimates that its 45,000+ customers will serve between $2-$3 billion worth of wine and Champagne by the glass this year. Are you getting your share of this incredible opportunity or are the twin perils of wine by the glass service holding back your profits?


Bermar’s extensive research shows that when an operation offers a larger choice of higher priced still wines and sparkling wines by the glass, it will typically increase the average sale price per glass by a sustainable 20+%. So why isn’t everyone doing it?


It’s likely to be the twin perils which have held back wine by the glass service all over the world – and they are:

  1. the expense of wastage
  2. the risk of serving an occasional ‘bad’ glass of wine

WITH OPERATORS tuning into the fact that a great preservation system is the way to overcome these perils, Bermar’s business is booming. As the inventor, developer and manufacturer of the world’s leading range of preservation systems – Le Verre de Vin and Pod Bar – Bermar has the credibility and staying power you’d expect from a manufacturer that defined, then exceeded the industry standard in wine by the glass service.

Bermar systems preserve any number of bottles of still wine, sparkling wine and Champagne, delivering a shelf life of up to 21 days for each. The principle is simple: lock the fizz in Champagne and sparkling wine, and keep oxygen away from still wine. The science behind the systems is a little more complex and that’s why, after 25 years, Bermar systems are still recognised as the only way to effectively way to preserve both still wines and Champagnes.

Many savvy operators are quick to see the returns that are on offer; others are a little more cautious and would prefer to test a better-quality wine by the glass service in their business before they take the plunge. Enter Bermar International’s unique Bermar Comfort Guarantee*.

If things don’t work out any time within the first 90 days of owning one of its systems Bermar will return your money – no questions asked. That’s Bermar’s commitment to working with you to uncork the wine by the glass profits in your business.

A modest investment in a Le Verre de Vin or Pod Bar can launch your wine service into an impressive peer group – here’s what a few of Bermar’s customers have to say:

“This is the best wine and Champagne preservation solution I have encountered since my hospitality career began back in 1979.” Gérard Margeon, head sommelier, Alain Ducasse Group

“For us at Hakkasan, it’s about maintaining quality. We have installed a Le Verre de Vin machine in every restaurant we’ve ever opened and will continue to do so.” Christine Parkinson, group wine buyer, Hakkasan

If you’ve any questions about the Bermar Collection, contact Bermar’s operations director, Tom Berresford. Get in touch at or call the team on +44 (0)1473 612 062.

*Applies to all Le Verre de Vin systems.