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The Reinvention of Drinking Champagne.

Hotter evenings, longer nights and plenty of premium options are driving consumers to trade up. The original consensus for Champagne was for it to be enjoyed solely by the bottle or by the glass. However, imbibers are looking for more options. With the rise of premiumisation, consumers are venturing into cocktail territory. Answering their call, mixologists have reinvented the Champagne cocktail for the millennial driven industry. The hype is real.

Social media is significantly shaping the drinks industry; from Instagrammers, to bloggers, to influencers and everyone in-between. If your dining experience is not picture – perfect, then it simply doesn’t exist in the modern world… or so it seems. An Instagrammable experience is what separates the casual dining scene from a premium evening out, as diners want to share an experience that they can be proud of. Drinks International released its list of the best- selling cocktails around the world in 2018, proving that today’s popular drinks are new takes on the classics. As Champagne was seen solely as a drink to be enjoyed on it’s own, some consumers may feel that this was a controversial option to enjoy with a mid-week meal.

CGA’s Mixed Drinks Report shows that the value of on-trade cocktail sales jumped by 7.5% year on year in the first quarter of 2018—outpacing the wider market. An estimated 8.7 million British consumers now enjoy cocktails when drinking out-of-home.

The on-trade have seen the trend and acted fast. Many restaurants have established their own signature Champagne cocktails to provide a premium experience for an attainable price. When Champagne is placed amongst a cocktail menu, consumers are more likely to trade- up. This is due to the premium status of Champagne even in an indulgent cocktail list.

Some of the Les Grandes Marques Champagne Maisons have realised the immense twenty first century potential in mixology within the drinks industry. For example: Moët & Chandon joined the trend by creating Ice Impérial Cuvée which is designed to be enjoyed over ice and is perfectly paired in cocktails. Veuve Clicquot invented ‘Clicquology’ a clever twist on mixology, innovating and ‘millenializing’ their brand to optimise sales of their unique drink enjoyed in cocktails.Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial Champagne

The expectation of a Champagne cocktail for a consumer is that it tastes fresh, has fizz and is presented perfectly. Many operators put aside opened bottles of Champagne to add to their cocktails, leaving their drinks lacklustre and with no sparkle. A majority of operators choose not to serve Champagne cocktails entirely because of wastage worries.

Opening a bottle of your finest Champagne for a few cocktails may seem like a daunting suggestion, however this uncertainty is now a thing of the past due to Le Verre de Vin technology. This technology makes it possible for any opened bottle of wine or Champagne, to be preserved and kept fresh for up to 21 days. Therefore any bottle of Champagne used in cocktails can now be perfectly preserved, making sure that each and every pour adds the sparkle & fizz that your customers will be looking for. This provides them not only with an Instagrammable product to influence future dining choices to their followers, but also provides a great tasting, sparkling cocktail they can love and enjoy.

With Champagne cocktails growing by popular demand create a cocktail list that not only delights your customers, but also gains a significant profit for your business, check out some of these innovative recipes:

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranate Royale


5 pomegranate seeds
1 ounce pomegranate liqueur
4 oz chilled champagne

Apricot Champagne Cocktail

Apricot Fizz


1 tablespoon vodka
1/4 apricot nectar
1/2 cup champagne

Apricot Champagne Cocktail

Cranberry & Lime Cocktail


1.5 oz Vodka
.5 oz lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
1 tbsp cranberry sauce (from a can)
Splash of champagne

Summer pending… Champagne cocktails trending. Get in touch with the Bermar team to find out more about how you can make the most of your cocktail menu with our Le Verre de Vin technology.

Come and see the Bermar team at our next trade show event, The Restaurant Show, 30th September  – 2nd October 2019 in London. Register here.

Learn More About Bermar at the London Wine Fair 2019

In just a few weeks’ time Bermar will be supporting one of the biggest drinks’ events in the capital… The London Wine Fair from the 20th – 22nd May 2019. Come and visit us on stand G64 at Olympia London to discover and learn how our Le Verre de Vin systems can make an impact to your business. If you would like to come to the show and talk to Kristian, Maddy & Dan who will be on-hand to talk all things Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar with you… Register Here.

How to find us…

London Wine Fair 2019 Map

It is the perfect time to visit the show with English sparkling wine sales continuing to boom, operators are enhancing their wine lists with more by the glass offers, premium options and tastings to attract new as well as delighting their existing customers & providing the perfect wine by the glass service.

Information released by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) showed that sales of English and Welsh sparkling wine hit a record of four million bottles in 2018, which had risen by 6% from the previous year. The UK’s fizz now comes fourth in the ranking, with its sales higher than Australia, America and Germany!

Le Verre de Vin has helped shape some of the finest wine & Champagne by the glass lists in the country:

Image result for hide restaurant

Grays and Feather

Grays and Feather

The 10 Cases

10 cases London

To name just a few…

Come and join us for a complimentary glass of Champagne. See our professional technology in action and make the most of our show offers on stand G64 at Olympia London.

We can’t wait to see many of our wine suppliers, partners and fabulous customers at the show.

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New Year… New You | Drinking Less but Drinking Better |

Hello and a very Happy New Year! We hope your festive season was enjoyable, profitable and that a glass or two of fantastic wine by the glass was enjoyed by all!

As we turn our attention quickly to the year ahead it’s time for Team Bermar’s annual predictions! Last year we set our sights on a sensational 2018 for fizz as a category, booming sales of big bottles and a detour from the old favourites as suppliers rung the changes (review the blog here). We didn’t do too badly – us Brits bought a record number of bottles of fizz last year and we’re certainly seeing new, exciting regions and producers on menus up and down the country!

So, to 2019, here goes:

Low ABV wines:

Session beer is having it’s moment in the sun as the trend to a healthier way of life shows no sign of slowing up (Suffolk stalwart Adnams’ Ghostship 0.5 & Bermondsey based Small Beer Brewery being a couple of our faves) and we expect to see a surge in the number of establishments offering lower alcohol wines by the glass. Like anything new, expect consumers to be cautious, worried they’ll miss the va-va-voom from a trusty big, bold Shiraz by switching to a lighter, less alcoholic alternative. If you’re in the trade then get these wines on by the glass, offer tastes – there’s some great options out there and, given a little confidence, your customers will trade up!

English sparkling wine takes centre stage:

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) have spoken… UK sales of English sparkling wine hit a record high of almost £1.5 billion in 2018. Now 2019 is here, English Sparkling has well and truly arrived! As Prosecco sales stall and the trend toward drinking less but better continues apace we predict a vintage 12 months for England’s finest fizz producers. Already spotted on many a wine list we think 2019 could be the year that English fizz takes a seat at the table of any great by the glass menu, cheers to that! Don’t take our word for it…

“English Sparkling Wine in particular, in my humble opinion, is some of the best wine available on the world market today. “- Andrij Jurkiw (Great British Wine)

Drinking Less but Drinking Better

With chatter of Dry January dominating the water-cooler this month we believe that consumers will continue towards improved lifestyle choices and more premium experiences when drinking and dining out. It was 2017 when ‘premiumisation’ was the word of the year in our world and, with that culture now firmly established, 2019 is the year to get adventurous with your offer! Maybe it’s flights, maybe it’s tasters, a manager’s special or wine of the week? Whatever route you choose we believe that you’ll reap the rewards of offering something premium, new and exciting to guests this year.

Brush the dust off your rarer vintages and pour them as a by the glass special, tempt your customers with a glass of vintage Champagne….

So there we have it, 3 key themes that we’ll be keeping an eye on over the months ahead.

Agree? Disagree? Want to chat with the Bermar team in more detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch; @LeVerredeVin on Twitter or @BermarCollection on Instagram

In the UK alone we have over 11,000 on-trade customers using our Le Verre de Vin systems, ranging from most of the UK’s Michelin starred outlets to some of the country’s biggest chains and most cherished independent operators. Across these businesses one thing remains common and that’s the desire to delight customers with innovative, expansive and well-priced wine and sparkling wine by the glass selections. Le Verre de Vin is the perfect business partner for increasing sales, eliminating waste and putting a smile on your customers’ faces!


An Exciting New Partnership in California

London, UK, 14th November 2018:

Bermar International has today announced an exciting new partnership with the highly regarded wine
industry professional, Steve Winter. The partnership will see Steve take the reins as a California
Distributor for Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar wine and Champagne preservation systems effective 19th November 2018.

Bermar’s innovative solutions have been widely used across the USA in recent years and, with this
new appointment, Bermar is committed to making its technology more available than ever before to
fine wine accounts on the West Coast.

Steve has worked in the wine trade for over 30 years, his skills honed over 17 years as a fine wine
representative for some of the largest U.S. wine and spirits Distributors. He has successfully
represented a diverse selection of premium brands including those in the portfolios of Moët
Hennessy, Kobrand, Wilson Daniels and Jackson Family Wines as well as enjoying several years
working as the Sales Manager for, top quality, family-owned California wineries.

On the new partnership, Tom Berresford, Commercial Director at Bermar, commented:

“I am delighted to welcome Steve to the team and we are thrilled to have such a savvy, experienced
operator as our ‘go-to’ contact in California. Steve’s taking up a new role for Bermar, one which reflects
our commitment to increasing the profile of Le Verre de Vin’s world beating technology in key markets
around the world.

It’s safe to say that Californians understand a thing or two about drinking great quality wines by the
glass! Steve will be working closely with restaurants, wine bars and hotels across the state, helping
them to uncork the lucrative opportunities created by premium and luxury wine by the glass service.”

Reflecting on why he’s so excited by this new challenge Steve added:

“Bermar is a progressive, innovative and proven manufacturer with a bright future! I’m proud to be
able to use my extensive wine industry experience to bring the world-class Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar
products and technology to the Californian market”

For more information on the Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar ranges please visit
or email Steve directly at:

About Bermar International:
Bermar International manufactures and distributes Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar, the world’s leading
professional wine and Champagne preservation equipment. With over 25 years of experience, the
team at Bermar counts some 50,000 customers in 80+ countries around the world and it is estimated
that, this year alone, Le Verre de Vin will support the sale of some $3bn of still and sparkling wine by
the glass.


Lucy Worrall, Bermar International

Get ready for a bumper festive season with Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar!

With 36% of consumers willing to spend more on a better-quality drink over Christmas, there’s money to be made unlocking your wine list this festive season…

In the first of a series of updates looking at how you can make the very most of your wine and Champagne by the glass programme we’re sharing a few of our top tips for this Christmas:


1.  List more premium and mid-range wines & Champagnes by the glass (31% of consumers trade up to a different drink over Christmas opting for wine or Champagne)


2.  Promote tasters, smaller glass sizes and wine matches to drive up-sells.


3.  Pick a Manager’s special – get the team behind it with a few simple tasting notes and give them confidence to pass on a great recommendation.


4. As English sparkling wine sales boom make it a festive fizz go-to for consumers this winter (sales of Nyetimber and Chapel Down have risen 58% and 36% respectively this year)


5. Don’t forget dessert wines…. 73% of consumers would be happy to pay more for a better glass of dessert wine.


The incremental margin generated by sales of mid-to-high end wines and Champagnes is a real win-win: Your delighted customer gets to try a great, new premium glass of wine or fizz and you will make additional margin by selling more wine and at higher values!

With quality the biggest concern amongst consumers around wine and Champagne by the glass, trust your Le Verre de Vin to provide a ‘freshness guarantee’ and promote your service. You serve…We preserve!

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with all our latest news…



The Restaurant Show Round Up 2018!

A few weeks have passed now since the Restaurant Show 2018, it was great to meet so many of you on our stand from the 1st to the 3rd October! We hope you were able to pick up some great ideas about developing your wine and Champagne by the glass sales! What a fabulous 3 days!

Celebrating its 30th year, the Restaurant Show is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive trade show; with 1-2-1 expert advice, from the most relevant people in the industry. We were thrilled to be part of the party for another year. Our professional wine & Champagne preservation systems caught the eyes of every passer-by.

Amongst many others we welcomed our partners from Germany, Croatia & Denmark to the show, as well as many of our loyal existing customers, who were thrilled to see the benefits of Le Verre de Vin in action. Renowned celebrity chef Brian Turner CBE joined us on the stand to enjoy a glass or two of Champagne with the team for the perfect serve.

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at the show, do not panic… get in touch today  and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can’t wait to come back again next year from the 7th to the 9th October 2019,  if you can’t wait that long, come and see us at the many other shows we will be exhibiting at next year, to find out more about the details and dates contact…

What’s hot at the Restaurant Show 2018 | An interview with UK Sales Manager Kristian |

With only 3 days to go until the Restaurant Show; the unique trade event that caters to those owning, operating and working in restaurants, hotels, catering companies and leisure establishments across the UK. We wanted to give you an insight into the current drinks’ trends for 2018/19. People are drinking less and trading up…but why?

An interview with our UK Sales Manager explains all…

What’s the fastest way to delight your customers and make more money from your wine offer?

2018 has continued last year’s momentum with more operators than ever offering their premium wines and fizz by the glass, introducing new styles, countries and grape varieties. It’s a great opportunity for operators to broaden the appeal of their range to adventurous drinkers. Many consumers worry about trying new wines because of the risk that they will be stuck with a bottle they don’t like… this perceived risk is greatly reduced with the cost of a glass, allowing  increasingly wine savvy consumers to venture further up the wine list.

How has the ‘drinking better’ trend affected the market and what is the main cause of this?

Consumers are more health conscious these days and reducing alcohol consumption is a hot topic. What we have seen is that consumers, particularly the millennials, are drinking less but spending more when they fancy a glass of something. This trend shows no sign of slowing down into 2019 and so operators can capitalise on this by introducing more of their wine and fizz by the glass. This not only gives more choice and variety to those who have decided to reduce their alcohol intake but it also satisfies the burgeoning curiosity to try something a little different.

What are you looking forward to about this year’s Restaurant Show?

I always look forward to spending time with our existing customers; hearing about their successes and what’s new in the industry. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to meet prospective customers who share our passion for delivering an incredible wine by the glass service and to help support them with maximising their wine service.

What should we make sure we check out ?

The Pod Bar collection should certainly be top of the ‘must see’ list, at this year’s show. These units are independently controlled which means you can showcase reds, whites, fizz, rosés and dessert wines, while having them all stored and showcased at their own perfect drinking temperatures. There’s a wide range of configurations available to suit any back-bar environment and for the first time we’re displaying them all at the Show.

What this means in practise is that consumers get a fabulous experience when they fancy a glass of wine or fizz, and the built in preservation system gives operators the flexibility to offer an extended by the glass service without any risk to their overall profitability; no more expensive waste, increased sales of the higher margin wines, and an enhanced customer experience…. it’s a win-win all round!   

Thanks Kristian and we look forward to seeing you all at what promises to be a fabulous Restaurant Show 2018!

Make sure to check out our social channels for all your #LeVerredeVin updates, cheers!

Twitter: @BermarUK and Instagram: @bermarcollection

Wine by the glass success at The Kensington Hotel’s K Bar & Town House

The Doyle Collection’s resident MW Anne McHale has helped the Kensington Hotel’s K Bar and Town House to take the successful leap into selling its entire wine list by the glass, supported by Le Verre de Vin.

In this latest blog post we take a quick peek through the curtain to see what the team at K Bar are up to…

First up, for those who aren’t already in the now… The Kensington Hotel is part of The Doyle Collection, a luxury & urban hotel group originating from Jurys Doyle Hotels, the largest hotel group in Ireland. This group consists of 8 hotels in 5 cities (check out sister site The Bloomsbury in London for another great wine list and a beautiful outdoor terrace)

Set in the stunning hotel, K Bar has the “rarified air of a member’s club where a list of top wines, spirits and cocktails has been designed for nights of casual opulence”… Sounds like a must-visit to us and all the more reason to now they have begun selling their entire wine list by the glass.

The hotel’s MW Anne McHale commented to Harpers Wine & Spirit Trade News “I am delighted to be able to offer guests at both the K Bar and Town House this unique opportunity to sample such a varied range of fine wines by the glass. It gives our guests the chance to experiment with different top- quality wines to match every dish in their meal.”

Image result for mw anne mchale

It’s a list full of treasures, whether you’re a sucker for some old school charm in the shape of a Bordeaux legend, a celebratory glass of vintage Champagne or an adventurous taste of something new – there’s a wine for everyone, and all available in a variety of glass sizes.

We caught up with MW Anne McHale (one of only 370 Masters of Wine worldwide!) ourselves to ask about The Kensington Hotel’s successful new wine by the glass service and how they use our unique Le Verre de Vin preservation systems to support such an extensive offer:

“Our ability to offer such a wide range of wines by-the-glass is partly due to our investment in the superb Le Verre de Vin system which keeps opened bottles as good as new for several weeks – but at the same time is easy and quick for our staff to use.”

Thanks to Anne and The Doyle Collection team for taking time to chat with us. The trend towards consumers drinking less but better might just be the hottest of 2018 and for ideas on how you can implement the perfect by the glass service for your business get in touch HERE.

Image result for kensington hotels k bar high res champagne


Opt for Premiumisation…Opt for Le Verre de Vin

What’s the fastest way to delight your customers and make more money from your wine offer? We might just have the answer for you…

We recently received a copy of a report into ‘premiumisation’ in the UK market and, while this phrase has been bandied about across the trade a lot this year, the statistics make for compelling reading:

Upgrade time: 54% of wine drinkers are happy to pay more, with even more of an upward skew in the categories of Champagne and Dessert wine. If you want to be able to take full advantage of this trend, it’s really worthwhile offering a wider choice of quality Champagne brands by the glass – listing a Rosé while the sun is shining seems a sure-fire winner and some of your more adventurous customers might even head towards Vintage, Ultra Brut or Blanc de blanc styles offered by the glass. And don’t forget the stickies, 73% of consumers would be happy to pay more for a better glass of dessert wine!

Know your audience: With 50% of consumers already willing to trade up, the data shows that the figure is even higher in the more adventurous 25-34 and 35-44 year-old categories, entice these diners and drinkers with new styles and tasting opportunities.

Proportion of age group already trading up their drinks choices:

Champagne keeps its fizz: Champagne remains the premium choice and in outlets the price of Champagne per 75cl bottle has increased from an average of £64 two years ago to £74 today.

Great wine draws a crowd: 72% of average spenders (and 83% of high spenders!) said the wine offer was important in their decision when choosing where to eat or drink out.

Quality is key: Among higher spending consumers the top 3 factors determining wine choice are…

  • Quality of wine brands = 46%
  • Availability of favourite brand or style = 41%
  • Price = 40%

We’re adding a few key takeaways and ideas to your to do list on how Le Verre de Vin can help you provide a perfect wine by the glass service for the months ahead:

  • Devote more information to by the glass listings and premium wines on wine lists
  • Give customers a “Freshness Guarantee” by using Le Verre de Vin. Data shows time and time again that consumers biggest concern around wine by the glass is freshness
  • There isn’t a more powerful tool for delivering a great wine & Champagne by the glass service than Le Verre de Vin

If you want to find out why so many of our customers use Le Verre de Vin to sell premium wines and Champagnes, click this link and check out the short video!

It’s English wine ‘O’ clock

Bubbles from Britain are on the rise!

With Brexit looming over the UK we are in need of a bit of sparkle to power us through these uncertain times. Instead of heading South to France why not start your journey down in our rolling countryside, watching the vines grow and curl with excitement as the summery British weather provides perfect conditions for ripening.

Stephen Skelton MW explains “Britain is famous for its fruit – strawberries, apples, blackcurrants – and rightly so; it cannot be beaten. We have great acidity from our cool climate and great physiological ripeness from our long growing season. And that’s the same for our grapes”. The South East and East of England are the perfect climates for growing grapes! Over the last 16 years English sparkling wines have started picking up loyal fans and awards, culminating in the exciting news last year that Taittinger have invested in a Kent vineyard, the first Grand Marque Champagne house to do so in the UK.

Our Le Verre de Vin systems have been installed at many of these new on-trend vineyards and their restaurants to boost fizz and wine-by-the-glass sales and to abolish waste. Here are just a few for you to look out for:

West Street Vineyard

Our Le Verre de Vin Pod Bar is installed at this beautiful Essex Vineyard providing them with the key to perfectly preserving all their still and sparkling wine with a freshness guarantee. This magnificent vineyard is owned by The Mohan Family who love wine! Check out the variety of  West Street wines, which can be enjoyed in their restaurant alongside fresh local food or purchase them to take home. We can entirely agree with Euripides who is quoted on their website: “When there is no wine, there is no love.”

The Leaping Hare // Wyken Vineyards

This Suffolk Vineyard’s magnificent restaurant has our Le Verre de Vin technology installed to provide their customers with the #Perfectserve. The Wyken Bacchus won an award for ‘English Wine Of The Year in 2009’. “Housed in a converted 14th century barn, the Leaping Hare restaurant has been in the Good Food Guide for 20 consecutive years, as well as being a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide.” Wyken Vineyard provides the perfect Suffolk scene of rolling fields and quaint woodland situated near Ixworth with some 12,000 vines planted across 7 acres. The Leaping Hare restaurant is a beautiful dining experience and certainly one to add to your weekend adventures!

Chapel Down Winery // Tenterden Vineyard

This chalky soil in Kent is the perfect ingredient for stellar wines. Set amongst 22 acres of vineyards, recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, “The Home of English Wine” (in their own words!), Chapel Down is only 90 miles North of the exclusive Champagne region of France so we can safely say this English wine is sitting on a splendid soil! Our Pod Bars are in place to keep Chapel Down’s wines in great condition between tastings. The principle grape varieties grown here are: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Bacchus. Chapel Down’s ‘Kit’s Coty Coeur De Cuvée 2013’ has been placed on the Top 10 English Sparkling wines list, click here to check it out. Make sure to give this beautiful vineyard a visit when you’re next in the South East!

With English wine trending across the trade we are set to see a rise in by the glass sales as consumers grow ever more curious about these home grown treasures. Vineyards are just one segment of the On-trade who benefit from our Le Verre de Vin technology, meeting the growing consumer demand for a range of quality English wines by the glass with each being served in perfect drinking condition.

It’s not just the British who are getting all the fun this Summer! Our ever increasing International distribution network of 45+ partners covering over 80 countries make sure your wine and fizz are perfectly preserved. Check out our Instagram @Bermarcollection and Twitter @BermarUk  for all wine and fizz updates.