Le Verre de Vin Compact systems are designed to provide a discrete under bar installation. As standard these units are supplied with the all the necessary fixings for an under counter installation although surface mounting is also possible.

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Compact LVDV systems offer a discrete under-bar solution whilst incorporating the proven LVDV still wine and Champagne preservation technology.  Available in a contemporary finish with embossed logo and illuminated nozzles which guide you through the preservation process.  It is easily installed under counter, saving valuable bar space and features;

  • Proven Le Verre de Vin still wine & Champagne preservation technology
  • Fully enclosed precision engineered unit delivering proven reliability
  • Preserves an unlimited number of opened bottles for up to 21 days
  • Ideal 21st century service – poured in front of the customer, direct from bottle to glass
  • Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each & every time
  • Fitted with contemporary multi light resealing nozzles, featuring 7 different colours to choose from (the nozzles turn amber, before changing to green when the bottle is resealed)
  • Low running costs
  • Simple and quick for staff to use
  • Easy to fit retrospectively


Incorporating both technologies onto one Compact unit.

Champagne & Sparkling

Preventing release of the naturally occurring CO2 is key to ensuring that the fizz stays locked in the wine and any issue of oxidation is eliminated.

Still Wine

By removing the oxygen to a precisely controlled level Le Verre de Vin technology effectively preserves wine without any risk to it’s subtle structure.

Learn more about the preservation process

Le Verre de Vin

Industry standard, ‘Le Verre de Vin technology’ offers the greatest possible scope to incorporate high performance, award-winning still wine and Champagne preservation technology within your business.

Choose from a range of stand alone preservation systems or high impact ‘by the glass’ cabinet solutions – each includes proven, patented technology; best for price, best for performance and best for your business.

Brochures & Pricing

If you would like to learn more about the Bermar Collection or for specific pricing, click the link below:

Tech Specs

Electrical Specification

  • Power Supply: 24V DC.
  • Power Consumption**: 60W (av)*
  • Supply via safe 24V Power adaptor

Le Verre de Vin systems are CE approved in Europe and incorporate a UL approved power supply in the USA & Canada.

*The Compact units are covered under the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Peak power consumption is reduced from 280W to just 60W (please also see *note above).

**These consumption figures are based on ‘peak consumption’, when the vacuum (still wine preservation) side of the system is in use. The power consumption of an idle system and use during the Champagne resealing process is negligible.


  • Resealing time: 2-5 seconds – optimum preservation level is reached every time
  • Capacity: any number of opened bottles but no more than 15 re-seals in any 5 minute period

Materials & Finish

The Le Verre de Vin Compact systems are manufactured in mild stainless steel with a black finish.

The Correct Siting

To enable bottles to be presented for re-sealing allow at least 400mm (16”) from the underside of the system to the bar/work surface and do not enclose or shroud the system. Each system is pre-set to operate at an altitude of 0-500m (1650’) above sea level; for locations above this altitude refer to your distributor.

Optionally Available

  • Stainless Steel Housing (BC00/7)
  • Counter-top mounting plate (BC00/13)





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