Fordoun Hotel

Fordoun Hotel

Jon Bates, a wine enthusiast and owner of the South African 5-star Hotel Fordoun, hosted a wine tasting event together with Allan Mullins, one of the most respected personalities in the SA wine industry. As part of the tasting event they put Bermar’s Le Verre de Vin wine & Champagne preservation system to the test, as Jon reports:

It was nerve-racking because we had opened wines 3 weeks ago and compared them to the same wines opened only 5 minutes before serving.

In each case, the ‘3 weeks ago opened’ wines proved the point that we can reliably and with confidence serve wines by the glass long after the initial opening date.
In cases where individuals did note a slight difference, the question was asked – “if this ‘opened for 3 weeks’ wine was served to you without the comparative ‘just opened’ wine, would you be able to detect any deterioration or difference (even if you knew the wine)?” The answer was ‘no’.

We are very enthused about the preservation system. It opens up a whole new avenue particularly in that it enables us to encourage guests to try out wines that they may have been too timid to order in larger volumes.

Jon Bates, Owner of Fordoun Hotel – Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

LOCATION:  KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

DATE  :  April 2015

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