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As the economic situation continues to result in our customers being more and more discerning, first and foremost visiting pubs, bars and restaurants where they can rely on consistent quality, so we are compelled to make sure that the best products are always available to them.

It is a pleasure to be able to stock a minimum of 10 wines by the glass in all of our pubs, still and sparkling, safe in the knowledge that single serve measures will be as fresh as if ordering and opening a new bottle.

I personally believe that the introduction of Le Verre de Vin is the key reason for the year on year increase that we have shown in wines sales in our managed houses and I cannot imagine not having it in every one of our pubs.  Knowing that an open bottle of wine is really only drinkable for a maximum of 3 days, the same as cask beer, whereas with Le Verre de Vin it can last 21 days just makes all the difference.

Bearing in mind the money we as an industry spend on cellar cooling and dispense equipment to help preserve the quality of our beers and soft drinks, why are we so reluctant to invest in such a brilliant system for wine?  To those people saying ‘I can’t afford it’, if you take wine seriously and want to sell it by the glass, I would suggest that you cannot afford not to have it.  I have no hesitation in using someone else’s quote, as it says everything – ‘Le Verre De Vin is the World’s most ingenious wine preservation system’.

Rupert Bagnall, Managed House Operations Manager, Wadworth & Co Ltd


DATE  :  April 2014

Woods of Dulverton
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